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     Founded by Len and Bunny Brook over 50 years ago, The Sanctuary for Animals is a non-profit charity that cares for old,  abandoned and abused animals on their large and scenic farm in Westtown, located in rural Orange County, New York.   The fees earned by approximately 15% of the healthy animals for posing and cinematic work,-- along with every donated penny — buys the feed, mends the fences, and pays the medical and insurance bills for the sanctuary. It is not, however, a home for just any animal. For many of the animals rescued or confiscated from zoos and private owners, the sanctuary is the home of last resort where they will live out their lives. Most are unadoptable because of physical or psychological problems and have nowhere else to go including over 600 horses that are lame or blind; dogs that have been used for fighting or have been starved; cats without personalities so they can’t be in a family setting as a pet.     
    The elephant, bear, lions, tigers, ostrich, wolves, birds, and primates are spread over 270 acres and housed in heat- and humidity- controlled barns (for the elephant and primates during the winter months), converted trailers (snakes, rodents, and birds), and super-sized kennels (cats and dogs) with free access to outdoor areas. The herd of camels, horses, cows, ponies, and goats all share a 100-acre field with a barn, stream, and run-in sheds. Another 10-acre field is for the donkeys and zebra, and the elephant has access to 17 acres..